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PU  Court
Rubber Court
Synthetic Turf
Baseball Court

Color EPDM
Color Flooring
Epoxy- Flooring
Safety Mattings
Car Parks

Adventure Play
Ball Pond
Maple Flooring
PVC Flooring
Squash Court
Sauna Room
Natural Carpets
Lockers System

Running Track
Play Equipment
Skate Court
Golf Porducts
Golf Putting
Climbing Walls

Tennis Accessories
Sport Equiment
Tennis Post
Table Tennis
Wind Screens
Gym Mats
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Play Area1
multi level areas
ref code: 10015
Play Area1
Whether you are starting out in the .pay to play・ business or upgrading an existing leisure or family entertainment facility, Softplay・s custom designed children・s play areas will work for you. Play is a fun business, and it・s one in which we excel.
no price avaliable

Play Area 2
multi level areas
ref code: 10016
Play Area 2
From soft play crèches to complex multi-level play structures, Boing is one of the largest manufacturers of custom designed indoor play areas in the world.
no price avaliable

Play Area 3
multi level areas
ref code: 10019
Play Area 3
Boing will work with you in a dynamic and innovative partnership supplying far more than just a basic play frame. Our in-house creative team believe in packing as much play value as possible into our custom designs.
no price avaliable

Play Area 4
multi level areas
ref code: 10020
Play Area 4
Boing have taken a fresh look at how to create a play environment with more flexibility, more fun, more games and, most importantly, that .something extra・ that will bring the kids back again and again.
no price avaliable

Play Area 5
multi level areas
ref code: 10021
Play Area 5
With colourful theming and imaginative branding, Boing will devise a package of comprehensive activity programming and marketing support to promote your business from day one.
no price avaliable @