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Spectacular vertical designs create a traffic-stopping focal point with fully contained play spaces above 48-inches for maximum safety!

WINNER! - Recreation Resources' Editors Choice Award.


SkyTowers® represent the latest example of how Playworld Systems continues to break new ground with real, innovative solutions to your playground problems.

It's about altitude.
SkyTowers® reintroduce height to playgrounds by taking the deck up to nine feet (2.7m). Featuring 15-foot (4.5m) roofs and 9-foot (2.7m) decks with absolutely thrilling Spiral and Squiggle Tube Slides, SkyTowers'® designs create exactly the kind of spectacular presence your park, school, hotel complex, or community wants.

It's about safety.
With SkyTowers®, all decks, crawl tubes and slides provide total containment at heights above 48-inches, (1.2m). Allowing kids to experience the sensational thrill of height while providing maximum security.

It's about accessibility.
SkyTowers® also provides a continuation of Playworld Systems' tradition of innovative approaches to meeting the Accessibility Guidelines for Play Areas. Depending upon your needs, a SkyTowers® structure can provide access for physically challenged kids to all three levels - up to and including the structure's nine foot deck!

It's about options.
SkyTowers® offer three separate levels on which kids can play - and you can configure the tower setup with as many active play activities as you can imagine. Combined with the bright, airy playspaces that the decks, crawl tubes and internal climbers create, you have a world of fun for kids inside each and every SkyTower.

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