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precut1.jpg (8893 bytes)SAWO sauna heaters are designed and manufactured in Finland. The strong Finnish know-how combined with the high-tech design creates the superior quality of Finnish sauna heaters which can never be imitated. Almost a cantury of experience in the manufacture of sauna heaters, highest quality raw materials and the latest technology are the guarantee of SAWO quality.
With decades of design experience, SAWO offers all that is best in Finnish sauna heaters: wide choice of models with modern design, durable construction and comfortable and easy-to-use control unit. Special attention is paid to safety and durability.

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Sauna, saunas, sauna construction and sauna installation: the walls of our sauna

A solid unblocked wall absorbs the heat uniformly, radiating it back slowly onto the bathers. This storage effect creats a caressingly smooth atmosphere.

Sauna, saunas, sauna construction and sauna installation: the walls of a sauna

In prefabricated construction, there is a layer of aluminium foil under the thin wood cover. As a result, the wooden surface heats up considerably