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Tennis Court Maintenance

Water Removal & Court Cleaning Items

Water Remover

The Water Remover has a unique "rolling seal" action that adapts to the contours of the court continually squeezing water ahead of the roller.

Works on any hard surface court
No scraping or damage to court
Depending on conditions, courts can be playable within 5 to 10 minutes after rain stops
Easily rolled by anyone
In typical 1-per-court use, roller lasts four months or more - and then is easily replaced
Also works especially well around pools, on driveways, for golf greens, and virtually on any other relatively hard and flat surface
Available with 36" wide seamless roller, or with 36" wide "Master Blue" roller (with a 3 year guarantee)

squeegy2.JPG (9363 bytes)The WaterBroom
A Clean Court Lasts Longer!

9-Jet Model (cleans 4 ft. path)

Cleans concrete, asphalt, aggregate and composition surfaces
Removes debris from surfaces, therefore reducing liability from slippage
Uses 90% less water than a hose and nozzle
Reduces cleaning time by 50% or more
Made of Aircraft Structural Aluminum - no rust or corrosion
Neoprene wheels that last and will not mark surfaces
Quality 1/4 turn valve that fits any water hose
Exclusive Jet Guards protect brass jets from wear
Easy to use


The Hose Kaddy               The Hose KaddyCapacity: Up to 300 ft. of 3/4" hose; Up to 400-500 ft.  of 5/8" hose
All steel construction built to last for years
Rust resistant zinc chrome-plating
Includes heavy attachment hose for any faucet
Bracket holds WaterBroom plus convenience tray
Non-skid feet, will not move or scratch surfaces
Once per year lubrication fittings
Built on a two-wheel dolly
Unkinked hoses last longer
Takes up less storage space
Easy assembly - only eight nuts and bolts